The House Republican budget proposal would cut Medicaid

robbery sparks chaos and panic at international plaza

costume jewelry The state of Minnesota recently peddled $462 million worth of bonds at a combined (taxable and tax free) rate of 4.27 percent. State officials said the offering proceeds were $498 million thanks to the premium that investors were willing to pay for the bonds. The stadium bond sale was negotiated with investment banking firms that underwrite, or buy, the bonds and then sell them to institutional and individual investment clients. costume jewelry

costume jewelry Recent articles on the FY12 budget debate have failed to recognize the incredible harm proposed cuts would have on low income older Americans. The House Republican budget proposal would cut Medicaid spending by$1.4 trillion over 10 years. Right now, Medicaid pays for about 62 percent of the nation’s total long term care costs, and about 6 million seniors need long term care. costume jewelry

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